ZSL London Zoo: A Wild Venue for Your Wedding

6 Sep, 2017

Your wedding day is an event you should remember forever. Once you find that person you want to say “I do” to, you’ll want to find a venue that truly allows for a memorable experience. In London, there is no shortage of resplendent locations to say your vows and enjoy a celebration of epic proportions. Plenty of couples go the route of choosing luxurious accommodations at prim and proper venues, and as lovely as all that is, it’s certainly not for everyone.

For couples that have a more adventurous streak, there’s no better or more beautiful venue to choose than ZSL London Zoo. ZSL London Zoo is a world leader in innovations and design. The Zoo is home to hundreds of different animals including rainforest creatures like the sloth, African animals like the graceful giraffe and stripy zebra, otters, birds, pygmy hippos, gorillas, Galapagos tortoises and so much more.

With stunning habitats that have raised the bar across the world, ZSL London Zoo is becoming a highly sought after destination for creating the ultimate wedding day. Of increasing popularity are Indian and Asian weddings that seem to be a natural fit for the gorgeous backdrop of the Zoo, particularly with the surrounds of the tiger habitat as well as the lion habitat.

ZSL London Zoo can be the most spectacular wedding venue for any wedding. What sets it apart from other popular wedding places is that you can customise it to fit your own special style. If you’re a more casual couple, perhaps you fancy a backyard barbecue-style reception tucked alongside a replica of the Australian outback. Or perhaps you want the best of every world – cocktails surrounded by its adorable penguins. A big Indian wedding with every family member and friend in attendance can be coordinated to the finest details so that themes, plating and traditions all meld together with harmonious perfection. However you want your wedding to be, ZSL London Zoo has event planners that will help you bring your wildest wedding ideas to life.


What else can ZSL London Zoo do for you when you’re hosting a wedding in the wild? Here are some of the many reasons why you should consider this adventurous option for your vows and reception.

The Wedding Coordinators
Planning a joyous event such as a wedding should be a happy thing, not something that causes you panic and terror. But for many brides and grooms, the process of wedding planning spreads more fear than joy. Why do it all yourself? ZSL London Zoo has extraordinary wedding planners who have been through it all many times over and are well-versed in making sure your special day runs smoothly and with everything you wish. You can have them handle every detail or even just little bits of it, however you see fit. They will coordinate everything you ask them to or leave other matters to you. Whichever way you choose, you’ll have a huge weight lifted off your shoulders for the planning process. Let them handle it so you can focus on the enjoyment of the most spectacular day of your life.

Your Wedding Serves as a Contribution
It should come as no surprise that weddings are big business. Why not let the money you spend on your wedding be beneficial? When you hold your wedding at ZSL London Zoo, you contribute directly to ZSL (Zoological Society of London) which supports the conservation of animals as well as their habitats across the globe. For couples that truly love the world they live in and care about preserving it and the animals that live in it, this is truly a fantastic opportunity to merge the celebration of their union with the preservation of the world’s most majestic creatures. Instead of frivolously spending money on your wedding, you can turn your festivities into an opportunity to save the planet.

London Zoo’s Spectacular Venues
Imagine having your wedding set along a backdrop of oceanic creatures or in an Australian outback setting without ever having to leave London! That’s what it’s like having a wedding at ZSL London Zoo. The elegant suites and enclaves are perfectly situated to overlook the exotic animals of your choosing, plus your event helps contribute to conservation projects that help critically endangered animals and save their habitats from destruction. There are a variety of different venues to choose from to make your wedding as unique and special as the love you share with your soon-to-be-spouse. From big wedding parties with hundreds of guests to smaller, more intimate affairs, ZSL London Zoo has settings that are ideally suited for any size wedding.

The Terrace Restaurant

Do you have a lot of guests on your guest list? If so, the Terrace Restaurant is the ideal setting. The interior is modern and incredibly spacious. It boasts a bar and a mezzanine floor that comfortably hosts up to 800 guests for dancing and good times. The upper terrace deck provides amazing views of the Zoo and the adjacent Barclay Court. Big Indian weddings do nicely in this space, as well as any wedding with a party of guests that loves to kick up their heels and celebrate.

Prince Albert Suite

For a regal atmosphere, nothing could be finer than the Prince Albert Suite. Grand designs with modern comforts, it’s truly a marvelous choice for your wedding. Natural daylight abounds for that ideal afternoon wedding. It features a built-in bar, rooftop terrace, and impeccable views of the zoo. Plus, it can host anywhere from 100 to 300 of your favorite guests. If you’d like your event to have an upscale twist, the Prince Albert Suite will definitely delight your every fancy.

Mappin Pavilion

Head to the Australian outback where you’ll enjoy perfect views of kangaroos, wallabies and emus. You’ll also be able to catch the sights of Regent’s Park and Tiger Territory from this prime spot. Floor to ceiling windows offer plenty of natural light. It’s a great place for smaller weddings such as civil unions with 50 to 100 guests in attendance. With such a memorable surrounding, your guests will be talking about it for years!


If under the sea is where you love to be, let the aquarium be your wedding venue. It just so happens that this is the first aquarium in the world, opened in 1853. You and your guests will delight in the exotic species of fish that swim by like the tomato clownfish, red piranha, angelfish, Amazon giant river turtle, and more. The aquarium features three halls – Freshwater Fish, Coral Reef, and Amazonian Fish. Canapés and cocktails go swimmingly with this setting for up to 500 guests, or you can reserve it for a more intimate dinner affair with up to 50 guests.

Amphibian and Reptile House

Harry Potter fans will recognise this prime venue. It was featured in Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. It’s a magical location where you can arrange a live crocodile feed to entertain your guests. Summer weddings are amazing here with an abundance of natural light flowing in and a bar tucked under a stunning glass ceiling. Winter weddings are also gorgeous here for a moonlit pre-dinner reception. Reserve it for drinks for a maximum of 200 guests or host an intimate dinner for 80 of your closest friends.

Attenborough Komodo Dragon House

Named after the famed voiceover of nature shows known around the world, this incredible space gives up to 80 guests that chance to toast with champagne while tasting scrumptious canapés. Ganas the Komodo dragon makes for an interesting character to have at your wedding too, plus he won’t eat all the canapés.

Garden Room

If you want to keep things simple and smaller, the Garden Room next to the Terrace Restaurant is a lovely option. It provides views of the lawn and gardens as well as lots of natural sunlight. With room for 20 to 80 guests, it’s a beautiful space for a more intimate gathering, and allows you the privilege of an upscale wedding style alongside the glorious beauty of the animal habitats at the Zoo.

Penguin Beach

Travel to South American landscapes without your passport. Penguin Beach is the largest penguin pool in England and makes for a fabulous summer wedding spot. Capable of hosting up to 300 guests, it overlooks the colony of absolutely adorable Humboldt penguins. It’s a peaceful place where you can have cocktails and canapés or even a more relaxed barbecue-style soiree as you watch the penguins splash and swim in the water.

Land of the Lions

It’s the king of all wedding venues! The Land of the Lions is set in a majestic replica of India’s Sasan Gir, where you and up to 300 guests get a chance to get up close and personal with Asiatic lions. This splendid outdoor space is ideal for Indian weddings in particular with a lively background, bespoke catering and bar options, bowl food, canapés and cocktails. A reception of drinks is ideal for up to 300 guests while drinks, canapés, and bowl food works perfectly for up to 200 people. However you choose to plan it, a wedding set in this venue will give everyone a roaring good time!

Tiger Territory

Another ideal backdrop for an Indian wedding is the Tiger Territory. Depicting the wilds of Indonesian terrain, you and your guests will love getting close to the gorgeous Sumatran tigers. Choose this location for up to 250 of your favourite people for a standing reception, or make it intimate with a sit-down dinner for up to 50 people all the while surrounded by these stunning tigers.


For an ultimate outdoor summer wedding, nothing could be better than B.U.G.S. (Biodiversity Underpinning Global Survival). It’s a conservation exhibit that makes an awesome space for up to 350 guests to sip cocktails, enjoy bowl food or canapés. Pop-up food stations are a fantastic way to bring this space to life, plus the courtyard is ideal for acoustic bands.


Live Animal Encounters
Should you choose one of the animal houses for your wedding, an amazing option is to arrange for a live animal encounter. It’s a perfect entertainment opportunity for guests and brings even more of a memorable element to it, not to mention all the brilliant photo opportunities you’ll be able to share forever. Meet and greets come with an expert zookeeper for added assurance. As the animals grow weary, time limits cap off around 25 minutes however, it makes your wedding even more unique and special to have the chance to meet the animals.

Stay the Night
If you never want your event to end, you can at least sleep on it. At the Gir Lion Lodge in ZSL London Zoo, you can do just that. Positioned near the lion habitat, it is a sublime choice for your wedding night, or even for the night before your big event so you can rest up in comfort and style. There are nine available lodges filled with simple and calm interiors ideal for sleeping and relaxation. Comfortable beds and sheets with soft fluffy pillows, sofa beds, en-suite bathrooms, and private verandas ideal for taking in the scenery with complimentary coffee and tea are just some of the features. As the sun sets, you can enjoy the rare opportunity to see nocturnal animals begin to rise. And as the sky becomes darkened, you can tour the Zoo by torchlight to see bats and other night-loving creatures.

Add Flavour to Any Event
Whichever venue inside London Zoo that you select for your wedding ceremony and reception, you’ll have to serve the perfect food to go along with it. ZSL London Zoo takes that stress away with their award-winning caterers right on site. You’ll never have to worry about the best dishes to serve or settle for subpar flavours. Ampersand is capable of hosting a traditional wedding breakfast as well as sumptuous banquet feasts. If you want impeccable canapés or bowl food, finger-licking barbecue or anything you dream of serving on your wedding day, Ampersand can bring all your food dreams to life, tying them into your overall theme for the absolute most immaculate finishing touches.

Ampersand not only perfects the flavours of the food they serve for your event, but they also serve it with absolute panache with an elite fleet of experienced event staff helmed by industry expert Carrie Stark that will keep every guest delighted. Only the freshest ingredients are incorporated into the menus you choose, ensuring your ultimate satisfaction from canapés to sit-down dinners and everything in between.

Indian Weddings Deserve Dawat
For Indian weddings, the food is almost more important than the marriage itself. Ampersand features Dawat, an exceptionally vibrant feast of sophisticated Indian cuisine. No detail goes overlooked with when it comes to Dawat. Authentic Indian cuisine is prepared expertly by accomplished chefs to give you the kind of spectacular menu you expect for an event as special as your wedding day. The Dawat chefs at Ampersand are experienced in traditional Indian cuisine while embracing innovative creativity in plating and presentation, assuring you of a dining experience that is regal in presentation.

When it comes to events as important as weddings, the Dawat chefs know that while the taste of the cuisine is imperative to get spot-on, the presentation must be upper echelon as well. They take tireless steps to ensure personalised complementing of themes and colours to carry your wedding theme out in every aspect. Whatever you decide goes too. So if you would like some traditional elements juxtaposed with more modern international cuisine, the Dawat chefs at Ampersand can make your every wish their command. Having that kind of versatility is a dream come true for many couples too. Not only can they please their traditional parents and grandparents, but they can also incorporate newer ideas with rich twists and pairings to make the food truly stand out during their special event.

The Delectable Flavours of Dawat
Sample the tastes of Dawat with flavourful canapé offerings like amristari fish fingers with cumin garlic chips, nargisi kofta with tamarind dressing, spinach and corn katti kebabs or Tandoori salmon fillets on croustade with coriander cream.

For a sit-down menu, consider starting with scallop polluchatti served with a tasty pomegranate mango salsa, chicken tikka with green chutney and a laacha onion salad, or even a pahari kebab, a vegetarian offering with green mango dressing tied to a red amaranth salad. Round things out with main courses like stuffed tandoori aubergine with a lemon saffron sauce, coriander crusted haddock adorned with a mustard fondant and meen moilee sauce, paneer tikka masala with tandoori broccoli and saali potatoes, or even a Rajasthani lamb rump in divine chili juice. Choose desserts like gulab jamun, jaleebi for a fantastic finish.

Even a buffet of assorted dishes can be arranged to tickle your fancy. Lamb sheikh kebab, goan mackerel cutlet, paneer, leg of lamb, butter chicken masala, jeera rice, and black lentil dal are just some example. The Dawat experts at Ampersand can have your favourite Indian delights created for you expertly for your special day. Sit down with the incredible Ampersand staff to discuss your favourite dishes that you want served on your wedding day and let them help you plan the kind of menu you’ve always wished for. And don’t worry if you can’t decide or aren’t sure what will pair well with the other items you want served. They can help you plan every last detail without fail.

Ampersand Puts You in Good Hands
As mentioned, the delightful Carrie Stark is the backbone of Ampersand. Full of absolute enthusiasm and expertise, she comes highly regarded as someone who can make your event as amazing as you’ve dreamed it to be. Even if you’re really not sure of what you want, Carrie is exceptionally creative and insightful and can help you bring your visions for your ideal wedding to life even bigger and better than you can imagine them. Tell her about what you and your partner like from food to style to animals, and she’ll help you craft the perfect wedding to suit your exclusive tastes.


The Ideal Asian Wedding Venue
Between the incredible habitat backdrops that instantly transport you to destinations far and away to the availability of on-site catering through award-winning Ampersand and their Dawat team, ZSL London Zoo is the absolute most ideal Asian wedding venue. With experienced staff who can help you plan out every last detail from the garnish on your canapés to the shape of the ice cubes in every glass, you will also find the best cutting-edge specialist DJs who will play your favourite songs. Indian wedding music, dance tracks, and all of the songs you love.

How We Would Do It
If all this sounds fantastic, but you’re not sure what to choose first, consider our thoughts on what makes for the absolute most perfect wedding of all. It’s especially hard when you want to please your parents and other guests but you want a little bit of everything. ZSL London Zoo makes it possible to have it all. For example, why not start in the Land of the Lions with a splendid reception of cocktails. Bespoke cocktails make things even more exciting for your wedding guests. You can create your own signature cocktail, serve an array of alcoholic beverages or design anything as you wish.

Then, carry onward to the Terrace Restaurant for an informal dinner and party. Opting for Dawat Indian cuisine? A buffet meal ensures there’s something everyone will love and allows guests to enjoy the food at their leisure while taking in the songs and dances from the DJ. After hours, the Terrace Restaurant completely transforms into a special and unique space that will make your jaw drop when the DJ drops the beat.

Speaking of specialist DJs, that’s about the only thing you won’t find at ZSL London Zoo, but not to worry or fret. They can help you find the ideal DJ for your event, one who will play the songs you want to hear and keep your guests on their toes.

Out on the mezzanine balcony, this is one party that will live on forever in everyone’s mind. An epic wedding that has everything that makes weddings good: perfectly plated and created food, strong and buzzy cocktails, an absolutely unforgettable surrounding scene of nature and wildlife in all its splendor, and a staff that works tirelessly to make sure the only thing you have to worry about is having a good time. Add to that the experience of animal encounters and a lodge to stay in after hours, and ZSL London Zoo is an absolute brilliant choice for your upcoming wedding.

For any wedding, especially an Indian wedding, London Zoo is your best choice. Plan every last bit down to the tiniest detail with London Zoo and Ampersand for the kind of wedding that no one will ever forget. Plus with indulgent Indian cuisine through Dawat, it is the absolute pinnacle in outstanding wedding planning from start to finish.

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