Wedding Reception Tips from a Married Couple

25 Apr, 2022

Organising a wedding is (hopefully) a once in a lifetime opportunity. Celebrating that special day with the person you’ll be with forever is an incredible moment. But if you’re like most bride and grooms to be, you’ve never organised a wedding before!

Knowing where to start can be daunting and challenging, but that’s where advice from those who have walked the aisle can be the solution.

Recently for the Musical Movements Podcast, we sat down with newly wed couple Bhav & Kiyani Patel to discuss their wedding story. Along the way they discussed their history together, running order, first dance and more. So, we’ve compiled a few tips the couple gave that will help make organising your wedding a breeze!

Practise your first dance in the reception room

If you’ve been rehearsing your first dance in the same space, you’ll start to build up a few familiarities. It could be that during this move you’ll be looking at the sofa, or another at the TV. These familiarities are great for memorisation but come the day of your wedding, they may throw you off when those visual signifiers are removed. So, if you can, practise your first dance atleast once in the reception space, as to familiarise yourself with a whole new location.

Wedding Dance

Leave gaps in the running order 

During your reception, there can often be very little time to spend a few moments with those that came. The reception will fly by in a heartbeat and you want to make every second last. However, leave aside some time to talk to those who have shared in your special day, those precious few seconds are incredibly valuable.

Indian Wedding

Be strategic about when you have your bar open

It’s inevitable really; if your bar is open, there will be a queue. That’s exactly what you want, for those who are attending to get into the party spirit. There are some moments however where you want everyone’s attention. From speeches to first dance, sometimes you need a crowd! So, think carefully about when you close your bar in order to bring everyone’s attention back to the main event.

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Delegate on the day

You can’t be everywhere at once (nor should you try to be). Trust in those around you to help in organising specific things on the day. You are there to enjoy the happiest day of your life, not to run errands so events run smoothly. It can be simple things such as communicating with the caterers or setting up decorations in certain rooms. Delegate to those you trust.

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Trust your suppliers

You’ve hired certain suppliers due to their ability and experience. So, when it comes to the day, trust in their skills and allow them to do their job without you letting your nerves get the best of you. A sense of direction and timings is not only helpful but incredibly important, but second thinking certain decisions they make won’t help and can get in the way of enjoying the things that truly matter.

For more tips and tricks, check out our podcast with Bhav and Keeyani below:

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