Wedding Entertainment: The fusion of DJ and Live Band

30 Sep, 2022

Musical Movements and The Bando

If you’re reading this, then wedding entertainment is a big part of your planning. 

Wedding entertainment is commonly a component of the wedding reception, where it’s time to celebrate with your friends and family. This is when wedding entertainment, i.e. music, matters the most. 

Don’t start to make a playlist just yet, because you need to decide what you want your entertainment to actually be. To some, this is a no brainer, ‘I’m having a DJ’.

Let us introduce you to DJ LIVE… A DJ and Live Band combination that will give you a reception like no other, and not to mention live bands have become a big trend in wedding entertainment today.

See DJ LIVE come to life

Getting it ‘right’ means you have to look at 3 things: what you both want, who your audience is and budget. We’ve laid the law down with both a DJ and a live band, here’s what you need to know. 

Musical Movements and The Bando on dancefloor

A fusion of DJ and live band

What if you had the option to have them both at your event? And not separately, but playing side by side? 

Together, modern meets luxury and it is truly fireworks on the dancefloor. Hiring a live band makes a statement. Having live musicians interacting with your friends and family creates an experience like no other. 

Live bands are not cheap, but it’s worth every penny for the experience. What’s better? Having a DJ perfectly in sync with the band and that’s when DJ LIVE works amazingly.

Together with the DJ, singers and instruments playing live, the options we offer vary from a 4 piece band to a 20 piece band and anything in between. 

The Bando performing live

As experts on the dancefloor we can tell you, when a band and DJ is booked separately, it can be challenging to create the right atmosphere on the dancefloor. 

The DJ usually isn’t prepared for what the band will play, and vice versa. For it to work, the playlists need to be synchronised and the vibe of both need to complement each other.

Often the production is also different. So, to create the perfect balance between the DJ & the band, we have found it works magically when they are booked together. 

How does it work? It’s simple, you tell us you want the DJ LIVE experience and we give you the package with production all in one!

You can pick your package, pick your DJ, and pick the entertainment you would like to have with our team. We will work with you from the beginning of the-project to the very end.  

If you still want to see what’s missing when you book a DJ or live band alone, then read on…

DJ MR Vish Musical Movements

What you get with a DJ

Hiring a DJ for your wedding entertainment is a gamble just as much as it is a big crowd pleaser. 

You’re overloaded with choice and every DJ offers something different, so not the same thing can be said for all. 

What we do recommend is if you are looking for a DJ, always go off reviews or word of mouth. 

As we’re 15 years in the making, we can tell you what you get with Musical Movements. 

First things first, when you come to Musical Movements, you are not just hiring a person to play music, you are hiring a professional DJ and host who ensures the event runs smoothly right from your couple entrance to the cake cutting. 

We always ask what you like and what your guests are like in terms of music. Even if you simply tell us the crowd is going to be of a different cultural background, that’s a lot already for us to go off… then you can leave the rest to us. 

DJ Shraii Musical Movements

Our DJ have performed around the world in bars, clubs, weddings and even alongside famous artists, so they know how to read a crowd and their level of expertise is simply unbeaten.

With Musical Movements, you get a package: A DJ/host, and if you choose to, we can take care of a lot of the aesthetic too like lighting, the dancefloor, the DJ booth and even the bar. Ultimately, we are there to give you and your guests an experience.

The general ambience a DJ sets at any event is a party feel and as the night goes on, the DJ is playing to keep everyone on the dancefloor. It’s an inclusive experience for the DJ and the guest. 

When you go on to consider budget, well it’s an assumption that DJ’s cost a lot less than live bands, but it really depends on the quality of the DJ you go for and whether it’s a package that includes other aspects of your event.

Musical Movements and The Bando at wedding reception

What you get with a live band 

Hiring a live band is very niche, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. But those who do go for it love it. A live band makes it a more of a sophisticated affair and it brings luxury to life. 

The beauty is, in a room full of people when a live band plays, it can make you feel like you’re the only person, fully engaged in the performance. 

It’s also a unique touch to have a live band, as the majority of couples do now opt for a DJ. 

Those who go for live bands also know the music they like and want, and that’s exactly what they get. 

Live bands are known to be expensive, but for luxury you do have to stretch your pocket. 

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