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16 Sep, 2022

Banqueting House Musical Movements Preferred Supplier


What is luxury? There is no one answer, because based on your individual taste we all consider luxury to be something different.

The same goes with luxury wedding venues, not every venue is going to be liked by a couple and that’s ok. This is why you have options.

When you start your hunt for a wedding venue, it’s almost like ‘window shopping,’ checking out what’s available, what you like and don’t like. As you move from venue to venue it’s likely the decision becomes harder because you are overloaded with options.

This is where the secret lies. Within the wedding industry, a lot of people know or know of each other whether they are luxury wedding venues, DJ’s, decorators or caterers. Remember, over the years, all of these companies will have worked together.

For example, as DJs, we work alongside venues and caterers day in, day out, and over the years we’ve created and maintained relationships with them.

Word of mouth is valuable, but getting the intel of a venue from someone who’s been there and done it over and over again is more.

Musical Movements are your inside people. We’ve come up with a list of luxury venues that our DJ’s are frequently at, so we can share everything there is to know about them!


Stowe House luxury venue Musical Movements

Stowe House

Stowe House is a grade I listed, hidden gem in the midst of Buckinghamshire. This is the first year we have hosted weddings at the Stowe House venue for our couples and it’s definitely one worth shouting about. Couples love the fact that it is versatile with its choice of rooms, for example you can host a dinner in one room and party in another!

The experience starts from the minute your guest approach the venue as the drive is honestly iconic, going through the Corinthian Arch. When you arrive at the venue, your sight is filled with historical buildings which contrast beautifully with their landscaped gardens. The outdoor setting is also where the venue has its unique offering… fireworks which your guest can watch from the outdoor terrace.

The marble interior and paintings in the venues also add character to the place, and it’s one that is perfect for an intimate event. Did you know Stowe House has appeared in famous movies and TV shows like James Bond, Indiana Jones and Netflix’s Bridgerton?


The Fairmont luxury venue Musical Movements

The Fairmount Windsor

The Fairmont is one of the favourite venues amongst our DJs for the very reason that it allows for couples to make their big day unique and one of a kind. One of our couples had a wedding at The Fairmount with an enchanted forest theme. Because of the venues natural beauty and space, we were able to give the couple exactly what they envisioned with music, lighting and aesthetic. This all added to the cinematic and luxurious effect.


Banqueting House Musical Movements Preferred Supplier

Banqueting House

It’s all about the interior in Banqueting House. The chandeliers and historical masterpieces add a wealth of history and luxurious touch to the venue. Hosting up to 400 people per event, our preferred supplier always leaves our couples wanting more. Banqueting House is also located in a prestigious part of London, in Whitehall.

Hampton Court Palace Palace luxury venue Musical Movements

Hampton Court Palaces

Hampton Court Palace is definitely not short of beauty. Another one of Musical Movements preferred supplier, this venue leaves guests speechless time and time again with its acres of gardens.

If we haven’t mentioned luxury, well Hampton Court Palace is Grade I listed royal palace located in Richmond Upon Thames. This venue is also used by the Netflix show Bridgerton when filming!


Kensington Palace Musical Movements Preferred Supplier

Kensington Palace

One of our preferred suppliers, Kensington Palace is the mother of all luxury. The venue is home to British royalty and offers an extravagant feel. Whether it’s a big wedding or an intimate one, Kensington Palace have spaces indoor and outdoor to cater for all crowds.


The Grove Hotel luxury venue Musical Movements

The Grove, Watford

This is a stunning venue located at The Grove Hotel, again popular amongst our couples. Having a wedding at a luxurious venue which also caters for its guests is what is so attractive to a lot of couples. It means your guests have somewhere to stay if they would like, and it adds to the whole wedding experience. With 300 acres of countryside, it’s also a winner with its breathtaking landscapes. Our DJs are frequently at The Grove, see here.

Kew Gardens luxury venue Musical Movements

Kew Gardens

If you’re looking for sophistication, this is the venue to look at. Our DJ’s have been hosting weddings and wedding receptions at Kew Gardens for many years. The venue is known to be one of the world’s famous botanic gardens, so if you want to make that iconic stance on your big day, Kew Gardens is a no brainer. The landscapes and glasshouses are what really amazes the guests and we elevate that with our DJ’s and lighting, bringing that party to life! See a wedding reception at Kew Gardens with Musical Movements.

Old Royal Naval College luxury venue Musical Movements

The Old Royal Naval College

If you’re looking for class and sophistication, the The Old Royal Naval College is the premium venue you need to add on your shortlist. Give your guests that luxury feel from the very beginning with its central London location beside the river Thames.

When you head inside you’re spoilt for choice with its number of rooms you can choose from. Weddings and wedding receptions Musical Movements have hosted at this venue has seen couples using the upstairs room for dinner and the party downstairs. There’s also an outdoor venue for reception drinks. The venue in known for its interior, especially its hand painted ceilings which creates a dreamy ambience.


With majority of those venues on our preferred suppliers list, we can ensure that Musical Movements have played at all of those venues to give couples the ultimate Musical Movements experience.

Like we said, word of mouth is so valuable and now when we get couples coming to us, they ask what venues we work with because it really does make all that difference. It ensures the event runs smoothly and there is a bigger trust there between all parties.

As we know, luxury comes at a price but it’s always worth it!

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