Most memorable parts of your wedding reception

19 Jan, 2023

How do you want your wedding reception to be remembered?

We get it, you want to ‘wow’ your guests, give them the best experience and a wedding reception like no other.

And whether it’s six months or five years down the line, your wedding reception will always be a memory you look back on.

So, if you want to leave a long lasting impression, here are the aspects of the wedding reception you need to focus on.

Mr Vish in the mix


First and foremost, there’s no party without music… which means there is no party without the DJ. Music is the life of the evening, the one thing that creates an ambience and a vibe.

It is there from the very beginning of your wedding reception until the end, accompanying key parts of the evening for example your grand entrance, the first dance, your cake cutting and of course to get everyone on the dancefloor.

But music is one thing, and a DJ is another. A DJ is your music and your host, the person that keeps the event together, keeps it flowing and as a result, it’s a seamless evening.

Check out our DJs at Musical Movements, as they all offer something different from their music taste to their personalities.



Rather than thinking of the wedding reception as an ‘event,’ think of it as an experience. You want to create a feeling within your guests which then translates into something that they will always remember in their head.

And entertainment does that very well. It brings the guest joy, laughter or whatever you want it to bring depending on your entertainment.

Our most requested and popular entertainment has to be the live band or DJ LIVE, which is the fusion of a DJ and live band. From a 4 piece band to a 20 piece band, they get everyone on their feet, singing and dancing. Find out more about the live entertainment we offer.


Musical Movements at Northbrook Park


Let’s be honest, everyone judges the food. You know when you’re driving home from an event, the first thing everyone talks about is how good or bad the food was, so the likelihood is the same will be done after your event.

You might be thinking Musical Movements is a team of DJs, so what do they know about food? Well, we’ve been to our fair share of weddings over the last 15 years, so we know the industry pretty well.

As food is subjective to everyone’s taste, we can’t pull out a list of what we like and don’t like. But what we can do is direct you to our preferred suppliers page, where we have a couple of reputable caterers on the list that we highly rate and work with regularly.

Bar area Musical Movements


Drinks sort of co-exists with the food but deserves a whole section to itself. If you know your audience is one that drinks alcohol, then that’s going to be a big part of ‘the party.’

And if you’re not going to have alcohol, it’s still a huge part of your evening… the guests will need something after all of that dancing!

You would be surprised how many events tend to run out of drinks (alcohol and mixers) because they underestimated the numbers, or when it comes to alcohol, this could happen if you pay corkage and provide your own drinks.

The message here is, it’s better to have more than less. Of course, you don’t need to go overboard. If you think you really can’t judge how much you will need, consider if it is worth spending the extra pounds and let the bar in the venue sort it.

Drink selection is just as important. A nice and quirky way to start the evening is by giving out special cocktails or mocktails with personalised names. See what else you can do to make your event stand out.

The experience

Overall, the guests will remember their ‘experience’ at your event which includes the music, food, drinks and entertainment all together.

There’s bits we haven’t even mentioned like production and venue hire which are also important, but secondary to the above.

So it’s important that when you are planning your big day, you tick off the big priorities on your list so that on the day, everything comes together.

At Musical Movements we can help deal with a lot of these ‘big priorities’ in one place, making the whole planning process easy for you too. So get in touch with us for a consultation and let’s see how we can give your guests a Musical Movements experience!

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