How to choose Your Wedding DJ

28 Jul, 2022

How to choose a wedding DJ

So, you’ve booked your venue, the caterers have all been picked and that special day is beginning to feel very real. Now it’s time to pick your DJ, but where to begin?

We live in a time where it’s information overload! With social media and an endless number of DJs to choose from, it doesn’t make life any easier.

That’s why we are here to get you thinking! Here are some tips that should help you pick the right DJ for your wedding.


Ask around

A great place to begin is likely in the same way you’d make most big decisions: recommendations. Talk to those around you and see what they said about the DJ’s who played their weddings. It’s even better if you’ve been to some of those weddings and heard the DJ yourself!


Live in the mix

If you get a chance, we definitely recommend listening to the DJ live! You’ll be able to tell how they mix, interact with the audience and how well they can take requests. Just like every customer has different wants, our DJs differ with each of those aspects.


Mr Vish in the mix

A wealth of experience

Experience is incredibly important when picking your wedding DJ. You want to make sure that the person you trust with creating a lively atmosphere has been doing it for a long time. Here at Musical Movements, not only have we played at over a thousand weddings, but our DJs are the key to our success with their wealth of experience.


Taste in music

Of course, finding a DJ with similar music taste to you makes it easier! Luckily, our DJ’s playlists are on Spotify , so you can listen to their favourite tracks.


DJ MR Vish Musical Movements

Personality over everything

When you’re booking your DJ, you’re not just booking the kit they bring, you’re also booking the individual themselves. Personality is important; how well you get on with that DJ and how they can work the room is vital. Here’s what our very own DJ Vish has to say on picking your perfect wedding DJ:

“When choosing your DJ, look beyond the music. Look at the personality. It’s not just a DJ you’re booking but also a host, an entertainer and someone who will be alongside you on your big day. Do you require experience? Everyone’s requirements differ so bear these points in mind before picking your host behind the decks!”


Reviews, reviews, reviews

When in doubt, check reviews online! It’s a guaranteed way to hear from those both satisfied and possibly unsatisfied with the DJ’s work. If there are any red flags that jump out at you, then you know that they might not be the right DJ for you. Don’t forget the biggest critique of them all, social media! To get an idea on what we mean, check out our Instagram.


Price up

Last, but not least, is pricing. Understanding your budget and what a DJ provides within that us crucial to optimise the experience. While going for the cheapest DJ might work for some, just consider how much you value the musical entertainment side of your special day.

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