How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Reception Playlist

25 Apr, 2022

When it comes to planning your wedding, there’s a million little things that can preoccupy your time. Whether it’s hiring the caterers, venues, deciding a seating plan; we know that organising a wedding is no easy task.

At Musical Movements, we’re here to make the musical side of your wedding as streamlined and stress free as possible. Whether it’s picking the DJ with a similar taste in music to you, or choosing the package that will suit your wedding reception best.

To ensure we make your wedding reception a night to remember, it helps to create a playlist of songs you’d like to play during the evening. This can then be sent to your DJ so they have a clearer understanding of what songs and genres you have a preference towards.

Here are a few tips on creating the wedding reception playlist that’s right for you!

Musical Movements at The Fairmont, Windsor

Pick songs that mean something to you

The simplest place to start when creating your wedding reception playlist is choosing songs that have a personal meaning to you. It could be a track you and your friends would have on repeat or the track you and your partner first danced to. Picking a song you have an emotional connection to will always creating the evening of a lifetime!

Our job as DJ’s is to find the tracks that keep people on the dance floor; we’re experts in party and club bangers. What helps us work the crowd are those surprise songs that have a meaning to you and the audience. 

For more musical inspiration, check out some of our playlists here!

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Play to the crowd

Different crowds will like different types of music, and if there’s one person who truly knows their crowd, it’s you. Choosing songs that are either culturally relevant or work with the personalities that fill your crowd is always a great way to go. Pick a few classics and mix in some hidden gems that will get the crowd going.

Boreham House

Splitting the list

Creating a playlist is all about making sure the DJ is fully equipped to pick the right songs for your wedding reception. One aspect that’s often overlooked is background music. While it won’t be the music that gets you on the dance floor, setting a mood and tone using music is a must for your wedding reception. From guests entering to mains being served; the background music will elevate your event, so don’t overlook it when creating your playlist.

To aide our DJ’s even further, you can split your playlist into two distinct sections: background music & party tracks. This will ensure no misplaced songs on the night!

Boreham House

How many tracks should I pick?

We often find the perfect length for your playlist to be is between 15 and 30 tracks. This means your songs will all be heard during the night and the DJ has the freedom to read the crowd and play to what they’d like to hear. 

Don’t worry about sending more songs either. You’ve picked one of our DJ’s due to their musical understanding and ability, so allow them to do what they do best!

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We hope these pointers help guide you on creating the perfect wedding reception playlist. If you want to hear the DJ’s give advice on how to pick the perfect playlist, check out our podcast episode below!

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