Boreham House Breakdown

28 Dec, 2021

Boreham House is a magnificent 18th Century, Georgian, Stately Home located in the heart of the Essex countryside. It’s an incredibly popular venue and on November the 20th, it hosted one of our latest wedding events.

Having been delayed a full year due to the pandemic, the wedding saw the union of both Jay and Vaishali.

Wedding Dance

Having finally managed to rearrange their date, they re-engaged their conversation with Musical Movements to provide the music for both the ceremony and the reception.

Back in 2019, they had been in contact as they were aware of Musical Movements, having been a particular fan of DJ Rugrat, liking his preferred choice of genre to play when it comes to weddings. 

“We heard about DJ Rugrat as we were recommended to him by a friend. We knew he was into that different style of music that we’re also into – we didn’t want your standard wedding DJ, we wanted someone who could mix”

The couple and DJ Rugrat had spoken and discussed in depth the kind of playlist they were looking for out of their wedding. Specifically, they were a fan of Garage, House and Hip Hop. Taking this, DJ Rugrat created a tailor-made playlist that would best appeal to the couple’s preferences.

Some examples include:

  • Tina Moore – Never Gonna Let You Go
  • MJ Cole – Crazy Love 
  • Shola Ama – Imagine 
  • Kings of Tomorrow – Finally (Sonny Fodera Remix) 
  • Azari & III – Hungry for the power 
  • Drake – Nice for what 
  • French Montana – Unforgettable 

The couple and DJ Rugrat agreed that they wanted the event to feel like a party in the style of Boiler Room, famous for how interactive the crowd is with the DJ. To capture this same spirit, towards the end of the evening, we encouraged the audience to get up on stage and dance with the DJ.

For events of this size, it’s incredibly important for the DJ to adapt to the audience, reading the room and creating a sound based on what is going to excite them most. With this crowd, it was Hip Hop which generated the best response, within the past decade more specifically (Don’t worry, we still made sure to play a bit of Bollywood).

The wedding reception itself took place in a pop-up marquee positioned just behind Boreham House itself. Here we set-up a black gloss floor, a customised DJ booth with the couple’s logo featured on the front, a starlight curtain behind the booth and a controllable lighting rig.

Boreham House DJ Set-up

In the centre of the room stood a large golden tree, surrounded by a circular bar that stood opposite the dance floor. We can not stress the importance of having the bar in the same room as the dance floor – the atmosphere is 10x better!

Golden tip: Having a musician play you in as you enter the room always heightens atmosphere and gives a sense of mystery and eloquence to your wedding. Whether it’s a violinist, piano player or even a saxophone player; the right instrument can let the guests know what kind of night they can expect.

As the night came to a close, we ended on ‘Kings of Tomorrow’ – Finally (Sonny Fodera remix) as requested by the bride and groom.

“Exceeded expectations, we’re still processing everything. Everyone’s saying it’s the best wedding party they’ve been to. What we thought it would be, that’s what it ended up being” Jay & Vaishali

We created a video based around the night, check it out:

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