The Perfect Running Order For Your Wedding

11 Jan, 2018

Take it from us; we understand how nerve-racking it can be to plan a wedding. It’s the most important day of your life and it is only natural that you want it to be perfect. The entrance, the seating plans, the food and of course the entertainment are all things to consider when picking the running order of your event. So having DJ’d in so many weddings all across the world, we recognise the importance of making sure your event runs smoothly. The perfect running order tends to create the perfect ambiance so there is nothing better than having guests attend a well-organised reception.

We want them to feel inspired and thrilled, right? So, we would suggest starting your event with a drinks reception outside of the venue. Pick your fanciest cocktail or champagne and let the guests indulge themselves. By having your guests in the foyer, you’ll be building up the anticipation and excitement of what lies ahead. Right now they have no idea what to expect, so keep them on their toes because once that door opens they’ll be amazed at the décor, lighting and the arrangement of the room. It’s probably their favourite part, apart from the dancing of course. Secondly, it’s your turn. The moment they’ve all been waiting for, the entrance of the Bride and Groom. As they have found their seats, their eyes have probably been directed straight to the centre of the stage where the cake and the dance floor are awaiting you both. Pick your favourite tune, one that truly reflects you as a couple and that will get everyone on their feet to welcome you in. This is probably the most anticipated moment of the night, so it’s important to make sure all eyes are on you during your entrance. Once you take your seats, it’s mealtime. Whether it’s a buffet or seated, it’s time to serve your guests some food. Of course, there’s also the important issue of the order of speeches and any other recitals that have been planned. Although, there isn’t really any main order for food, it is always a good idea to consider having starters, then few speeches in between. Then, once mains have finished, bring on the Grooms speech. You don’t want to overload the guests with an hour of speeches and no food, so it’s better to break it down. And, finally the reason why the reception even happens, the bride and grooms first dance. Make sure all meals are finished and everyone is seated, so your guests, and yourselves can enjoy and soak in this incredibly romantic moment.

Your first dance not only symbolises the beginning of your marriage, but also confirms the beginning of the night ahead, which is the dancing. Grab everyone off their seats, away from the bar and get them on the dance floor because from here on, the night is going to flow naturally. More than anything, we know how important it is to have as much time as possible on the dance floor; it’s the part, which everyone is looking forward to. So with the perfect running order in place, we can start to play all your favourite tunes that will get everyone boogieing on the dance floor until the end.

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