Musical Movements FAQ’s

19 May, 2022

Having hosted and played at wedding receptions for over 10 years, we’ve has the pleasure of working with a huge variety of brides and grooms. 

During that time, we’ve been asked all sorts about what a wedding DJ does on the day. From sound limiters to whether we host, we’ve noticed there are some common questions we’re asked about how we work on the day. So, we’ve compiled this handy list which should help you understand a little more about what we do here at Musical Movements.

When should I book my DJ?

When you’ve booked your wedding venue and your date is confirmed, that’s when you should book your DJ. Typically this will be a year before your date, however if your date is fast approaching and you’ve not confirmed your wedding DJ then do get in touch as we have multiple DJ’s at the ready.

What are the best ways to maximise dancefloor time?

You can do many things, such as replace the starters with canopy’s, reduce the number of speeches and have a desert station open at the same time as the dancefloor.

Do you host as well as DJ?

If requested, yes we can host. This includes responsibilities such as introduce the bride and groom to the room, tell people to take their seats, open and close the bar etc. Once the dancing starts, we don’t do too much talking as we like to let the music takeover. However, if there is something specific requested, such as a dance off, we can announce it.

Do you do destination weddings?

Yes we do! We DJ outside of London and internationally. We play all around the world and can discuss how we can work in different cultural sounds appropriate to the location your wedding will be.

Do you take song requests?

Absolutely we do! We use a fact finder form that will be sent to you and run through during our meeting together. We also have selections for first dance songs, entrance song, any requests for family members etc. If you have any requests on the night as well, we’ll try our best to include those on the night as well.

What makes Musical Movements different?

We are a DJ company that love music. If you’re getting in touch with a DJ company, what you should have in mind is music, DJ ability and skills and who the DJ actually is. We also have a laser like focus on detail. Everyone has different requirements and needs and we base our packages around what’s right for you. Finally, what makes us different is simple; it’s our DJ’s. They have a tremendous amount of experience and talent; they are the best of the best.

Do I get to meet the DJ beforehand?

Absolutely, we love to meet the bride and groom atleast once beforehand to discuss the running order and itinerary, making sure we’re all on the same page. We also like to discuss the songs you’d like to hear and what you don’t want to hear to ensure there’s no issues on the day.

What is the best time to cut the cake?

We find just after your reception entrance is the best time to cut the cake. Often you’ll do a cutdown from three to one, with the videographers and photographers at the ready, then you’ll cut your cake.

How do I pick the right wedding reception entrance song?

The best way is to choose something that is personal to you, something high energy and upbeat to start the party right! If you’re unsure, we have Spotify playlists and blogs which should hopefully get some ideas going.

What genres do you cover at wedding receptions?

We cover everything from Bollywood, Bhangra, Rnb, Hip hop, etc. We also cover other genres depending on the crowd! We can customise your playlist depending on your requirements and we can play all genres of music.

How do I pick my package?

The truth is, there is no right package for any particular client; everything is bespoke. It all depends on your venue, your date, how many guests and what you actually want. We will have a consultation with you to discuss your options and base the package on what feels right for your event.

Do you cater for outdoor wedding ceremonies?

Yes we do! Some things to consider for outdoor wedding ceremonies is power, whether there’s enough power sockets around to cater for all the electronics. Another thing to consider is interference caused by rain or wind on the microphone. Finally think about the weather on the day; if it’s too rainy, windy, or even too sunny, then people tend to move away from the ceremony.

Do I need an LED wall?

It’s based on your requirements, it depends if you have: visuals shown, photos from a pre-wedding photoshoot, pre-videos made, same day speeches etc.

Why are Asian DJ’s so expensive?

Simple: demand. The more established DJ’s will be booked every weekend so if you don’t book them on a particular weekend, likelihood is they will end up being booked that weekend regardless. It also comes down to experience, not just playing music but also how to make the experience comfortable before, during and after your wedding. We have a great ability to host your events, make announcements and create a night to remember.

What is the best format to do speeches?

The best person to start the speeches is typically the father of the bride as they’ll thank everyone for coming and say a few words about the bride and groom. Following this you’ll have your main course, after which your best men and bridesmaids will make their speeches. Finally, the groom will make their speech before the first dance.

We hope these answer some of your questions but if we haven’t covered anything then do get in touch and we’d be happy to help!

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