Bespoke package

Proved to be our most popular package! Personalised, unique and a showstopper from sound to lighting, our bespoke package will bring the wow factor to any event.

Our bespoke package is designed to create a seamless and enchanting experience tailored specifically to your preferences. With our team of dedicated professionals, state-of-the-art equipment, and experience in delivering exceptional music and production, we are here to make your wedding reception an unforgettable affair.

When it comes to your wedding, we know that each couple has their own unique vision. The bespoke package offers the flexibility to curate the perfect ambiance, whether you’re dreaming of an elegant evening reception or a romantic daytime celebration. With our diverse range of DJ setups, including modern and white wedding options, we provide an aesthetically pleasing backdrop that seamlessly integrates with your chosen theme.

Our professional DJs are masters of their craft, ensuring a seamless flow of music that caters to your specific musical preferences. From romantic ballads to energetic dance floor hits, our DJs have an extensive library covering a wide range of genres, including RnB, House, Garage, Motown, Disco, Pop, 90’s, 00’s, Reggae, and timeless classics from various decades. They skilfully blend and mix tracks, creating an atmosphere that will keep your guests entertained and dancing throughout the night.

To enhance the overall experience, we offer top-of-the-line production elements, including professional lighting effects and a high-quality sound system. Our lighting package is designed to transform your venue into a captivating space, providing an immersive visual experience that complements the music.

For those seeking an extra touch of sophistication and live entertainment, we also offer the option to include talented live musicians in our bespoke package. From soulful saxophonists to enchanting violinists, these skilled performers add a touch of elegance and a unique flavour to your wedding celebration, creating truly magical moments.

To ensure a seamless and personalised experience, we provide a personal consultation where we can get to know you, your vision and preferences. This allows us to understand your musical tastes, desired atmosphere, and any specific requests you may have. With our expertise and your input, we’ll craft a tailored playlist that reflects your individuality and sets the perfect tone for each moment of your wedding day, from the heartfelt ceremony to the joyful drinks reception, and all the way through to the energetic evening reception.

Additionally, our bespoke package includes a professional PA system and microphones, allowing for crystal-clear speeches and announcements that will resonate with your guests. We understand the significance of these special moments and are dedicated to providing the necessary equipment and support to ensure they are flawlessly delivered.

What’s Included

All of our packages can be tailor made to suit your exact needs. Check out our additional extras and explore our visual and production addons as well as the entertainment you can book to make your event unforgettable.

You will be provided a custom-made quote after your consultation.

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