The Fusion Band

Introducing The Fusion Band - a musical experience that seamlessly combines Bollywood and Western music, creating a one-of-a-kind musical journey. With a dynamic repertoire that spans Bollywood, bhangra, motown, funk, contemporary hits, pop, and more, this band is the epitome of versatility.

As a unique DJ Live concept, The Fusion Band marries the energy of live musicians with the sounds of a DJ. Bringing a dynamic soundscape to your event, infusing every moment with musical magic. What sets this band apart is its interactive nature. Being a roaming band, we immerse your guests in the performance, making it more personable and engaging.

Our lineup includes singers, a cello player, a tabla player, drummers, a violinist, guitarists and a DJ, however our band can be tailored to your event; meaning we will recommend the best setup for you and bring you the best fusion musical experience.
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