How to plan a wedding – 3 tips from a wedding planner

14 Apr, 2023

If you’re trying to plan a wedding, more specifically your own, don’t start pulling your hair out just yet. We see couples go through it every

day and know it’s an overwhelming journey, whether it’s planning a wedding local to you or a destination wedding. You will want to think about the top wedding trends in 2023, what suppliers to go for and even ways to make your wedding stand out.

But the last thing you want, is to spend all that time and money putting one of the best days of your life together, and then counting down the days until it is over.

Lucky for you, we had a chance to speak to wedding planner Saheli from Saheli Events- We picked her brain and got three must know wedding tips from one of the best wedding planners in the game.

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Factor in ‘resting’ before the wedding

When you envision how to plan a wedding, ‘relaxing’ or ‘resting’ might not be in your vocabulary, but it should be.

Saheli says you should leave enough time before the wedding festivities kick off, for you as a couple to spend time with each other, whether it’s going on date nights or getting a massage.

So, try to “wrap up at least all of your nitty gritties at least two weeks before the wedding.” The wedding planner explains that the last couple of weeks before the wedding is usually the time when you will feel the most stressed and overwhelmed as the big days starts to creep up on you.

There will be a few things to do just before the wedding after you receive your RSVP’s, so don’t forget to factor that in too.

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Lay out the law in a family meeting

When it comes to planning a wedding, you will find it’s not only your wants and needs that need to be met. You will have your partner, and you may want to factor in something both sides of the parents want, which could really end up being totally opposite from what you want.

Saheli gives an idea that worked before she started to plan her own wedding- she set up a family meeting with just the immediate families on both sides, and passed a pillow around. When you hold the pillow, you talk.

This gives each person in the room a couple of minutes to tell you want their priorities are and perhaps things that need to happen in your event that are non-negotiable, for example inviting certain family members or doing the ceremony in a specific way.

It just means the law is laid out on the table before the planning starts, everyone’s voices are heard, and you avoid any difficult conversations later down the line.

This also includes being transparent about budgets.

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Accept that not everything will be perfect

Sometimes, going with the flow is actually the better way of mentally doing things. It’s understandable that going with the flow on your wedding day is a little challenging, as you want your big day to be perfect.

But what does ‘perfect’ really look like? You might ask yourself this and not even know the answer.

So, leave room for small ‘hiccups’ to relief the pressure that everything needs to be ‘perfect,’ otherwise the thought of perfection could ruin your whole day.

Find out more of what Saheli from Saheli Events had to say about her fair share of weddings and other top tips, in the Musical Movements podcast!

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