DJ Barai

DJ Barai has had a rapid rise in the DJ industry over the last 18 months – not just for his talent but the age of his entrance in the scene.

Initially, DJing was simply a hobby, but his sheer passion for music resulted in a desire to pursue this form of art as his career. His incredible journey at such a young age into the industry and his charming personality is the heart of DJ Barai’s unique selling point. ‍

In May 2018, Dj Barai found a beginner’s course with Musical Movements at their training studio in Elstree with the award winning Dj Rugrat. After this introduction, the next six months were spent having weekly private lessons with his mentors DJ Rugrat and DJ Shraii. ‍

He gained invaluable experience, mastering the skills of mixing across various genres, building an extensive catalogue of music and most importantly creating an atmosphere whilst understanding the audience. As his experience and knowledge grew, so did his confidence.

DJ Barai’s Style

Due to his family’s diverse network of an international social circle to their Indian roots, DJ Barai has been exposed to multicultural crowds and broad music genres ranging from east to west and all continents in between.

Crowds love DJ Barai, not only for his age but also his core ability to take his guests through a musical journey encompassing old classics to new hits. His skills permit him to DJ in an open format, bringing hype to any party.

Dj Barai’s charisma shines in front of his guests as his energetic and engaging approach brings a positive persona to the dance floor with his flawless blends and evolving mixing styles making him a fun-loving, professional entertainer for any event.
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