The perfect wedding destinations abroad

24 Aug, 2022

Let’s turn to the new topic of conversation, wedding destinations abroad.

The days of having a wedding in the city that you live in or in London are still here but getting wed abroad has become more and more popular.

Why? Well, a lot of couples perhaps like yourself have a lot of friends and family from around the world, so it might make sense to have it closer to them. Or for a simpler reason: many couples feel that a destination wedding makes their special day unique and memorable.

We receive so many enquiries regarding destination weddings that we have now dedicated it to a whole separate package!

Before you enquire about a destination wedding, you need to know the top wedding destinations abroad…

To make it easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of our top wedding destinations abroad based on what our couples have booked in the past and where our DJ’s have enjoyed.



Let’s start off close to home. Algarve and Faro in Portugal is a popular destination for weddings where you’re surrounded by its wealth of history and scenic beaches. So, you’re spoilt for choice on whether you want a wedding in a venue that highlights Portugal’s beauty, or on a beach to create those perfect, picturesque moments.

DJ Rugrat, DJ Shraii and Deven Musiq love going back to Portugal to be a part of people’s big day. As this is a local wedding destination abroad, our DJ’s have built connections with hotels, venues and caterers so when it comes to your big day, we can take a lot of that stress away.

The venues Penha longa and Pine Cliff in Portugal are where our DJs are mostly host weddings. They find it’s a popular choice for couples that choose Musical Movements and it’s in a good location.



A holiday in Mexico is simply a dream, but imagine your wedding in such a destination? Cancun is known for their holidays, beaches and resorts, the perfect combination for a dreamy wedding. The way to go in Cancun is to have a wedding at a resort of your choice. Depending on what you pick, this can vary from indoor venues and outdoor on the beach, but really you want to go there for the outdoors.

Our very own DJ Shraii hit the decks in Cancun in 2022 for an Indian wedding. This consisted of various events over 3 to 4 days and he said a wedding in Cancun is a vibe he hasn’t experienced before. Everything together including the music, the food and the views made it a night to remember.


Asian Wedding Photoshoot in the Garden, walkway on the south front, Queen Mary's Bower. Back lit bride wearing gold.


India may come as a shock to some of you, but it’s one we couldn’t keep of the list. The most beautiful, fairytale weddings take place in Jaipur, Udaipur and Goa. A little goes a long way in India, so what you set out to spend in the UK will probably make your wedding look like royalty in India.

However, there is a big difference between Goa and Udaipur. In Goa you have the option of getting wed on the beach whereas in Udaipur, couples have their weddings in venues that look like palaces. What can be said about both destinations is the weddings events are grand and unique for each and every couple.

Musical Movements host a lot of Indian weddings in India with 4 to 5 days full of events, with a wedding atmosphere that is full of life and colour. DJ Rugrat, DJ Shraii and DJ Vish have all hosted wedding events in India, so they are aware of the know how’s and how to cater to different audiences with different tastes in music, for that unforgettable Musical Movements experience.



A country of love, fashion and food never disappoints, especially for a wedding. Italy is perfect for that intimate feel where you’re surrounded by your best people and breathtaking views. Popular destinations in Italy consist of Rome, Lake Como and Lake Garda.

DJ Rugrat, Deven Musiq and DJ Vish are our returning DJs in Italy, who take that historical aesthetic and great food to another level with music. As well as DJ, they are the hosts that keep the party alive and the guest on the dancefloor.


Santorini, Greece

Magical on the eye. Santorini is full of white sand and blue sea, and you will find you won’t need anything else… But there’s a wedding to prepare for! This wedding destination abroad is the ultimate choice if you’re looking for a dreamy backdrop. It’s surreal in real life and on Instagram.

DJ Vish hosted a wedding in Santorini with events spread out across a couple of days. Again, this is destination gives off an intimate feel because the Greek island is simply an island. It doesn’t have much as it doesn’t need a lot, just some good food, good people and good music. If that sounds like your dream wedding, it’s got to be Santorini.


Atlanta, USA

The US is a big one for us and our audience. Our enquiries from the US are increasing and we find ourselves going out there for destination weddings! We did a wedding for a couple in Atlanta, here’s what they said about their experience:

“One of the BEST DJ’S I have ever heard! I love my music and I can’t even explain in words what a FABULOUS job Nainesh did with all the music during our wedding weekend! He had the dancefloor going with so much energy it was unbelievable! Even a week later all our guest are talking about the music and how their feet are sore from the dancing!

Nainesh played music for everyone (young, old, Indian, non-Indian) and so much more. Very professional and works very well with everyone. Nainesh you were FANTASTIC, FABULOUS, AWESOME BEST DJ and you ROCKED IT! Thank you so much!!!”


And that’s a wrap! Now that you know our top 5 wedding destinations abroad, you’ve got some long and hard thinking to do.

Just remember, every event starts and ends with the DJ.

We understand, a destination wedding may seem unpractical or harder to plan because of either a language barrier or not knowing how things work in your chosen destination.

Let us reassure you that Musical Movements is a globally recognized brand with experienced DJs who have travelled all over the world to give couples the Musical Movements experience.

So, we take a lot of the stress away by getting you in touch with international suppliers and if need be, advising you on flights and accommodation.

Book in a free consultation with us and we can help you plan your dream destination wedding abroad!

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