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What does a DJ do for a Hindu Indian Wedding Ceremony?

What does a DJ do for a Hindu Indian Wedding Ceremony?

The DJ has a crucial role throughout the wedding ceremony. Not only do we provide music, create the mood, entertainment, sound equipment and accompany the priest, maharajah or Brahmin. We also provide timely announcements and liaise with several people to ensure the whole ceremony is smoothly operated as we are aware that you will be working to strict timings.

Some opt for a more traditional ceremony, whilst others prefer a more contemporary ceremony. Either way, we will work with your requirements and vision to ensure it all goes to plan.
Below we will highlight what our role is in making your Asian Wedding Ceremony flow as smoothly as possible.
Hindu Ceremony
Liaising with the priest – Prior to the ceremony, we liaise with the Hindu priest. This is important as the priest may have specific requirements and vice versa. We will also be providing the sound equipment and control the music throughout the ceremony. Therefore, it is vital that we have a uniform vision to suit your needs. Equipment we provide is usually either a headset, cordless microphone or a clip on microphone. This all depends on the Priest’s preference.
Sound Check – We need to arrive at the venue with the appropriate sound equipment to cater for the venue and guests. It is important that we do not set up directly near the mandap to avoid disruption for photographs so we usually find a discreet location where we can see the entire ceremony and maintain eye contact with the priest.
Playlist, background music and announcements – We recommend a light combination of flute, tabla and santoor instrumentals for the priest to speak over throughout the ceremony. This sets the calm mood throughout the ceremony and also prevents any awkward silences!
Prior to the ceremony, we will discuss any specific gujarati, sanskrit or hindi songs you want for significant parts of the ceremony and also provide you with recommendations (i.e. for mangalsutra, Jaan arrival, Bride entrance, Pheras, Kanyadaan and any other family traditions) We will also communicate these with the Priest to ensure they do not clash with their Scriptures & Shlokes.

We will work with you to prepare photographs and other announcements prior to the ceremony and usually communicate with family members on either side to announce events as and when it is required.
Lunch – Throughout the lunch to keep guests entertained, we recommend mellow background bollywood/contemporary instrumental music. We are trained to seamlessly mix and blend all the music to accompany guests whilst they are eating and talking.
Vidai Ceremony/games – For the final segment of the wedding we will play specific upbeat songs required for the games segment. Finally, for the Vidai ceremony we will line all guests down the aisle to ensure the Bride gets the sending off that she deserves and play the appropriate song(s) to accompany her on her walk.