15 Ways to make your wedding stand out

17 Nov, 2022

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Magical. Unique. Unforgettable. This is how pretty much every couple wants their wedding to be remembered, so how can you make your wedding stand out?

The planning that goes into a wedding takes months, even a year. But the wedding and wedding reception itself is done and dusted in a single day, so why all the fuss?

Only you can answer that. A wedding has its own significance and meaning for every couple that is different, yet one thing that is the same is every couple wants to make their wedding stand out from the crowd.

With over 15 years in the wedding industry, we’ve seen (and heard) a lot about what the couple and guests liked, what they didn’t like and what they would do different.

So, based on that, here are 15 ways to make your wedding stand out.

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It’s the small touches that really count and connect with your guest. Here are some ways you can add personalisation to your big day.

Place cards

If you’re keen on having a table plan, add name cards to each seat. It makes your guest feel appreciated, and that will be reciprocated back in some form during the wedding!

Table theme

Depending on your décor theme and interests, give each table a name. Some ideas are car names, countries, cities or even movie names. It’s fun, light-hearted and it gives your guests something to laugh about!

Drinks with escort cards

As your guests walk in, you can have welcome drinks ready at the go with name tags and a table number attached to them. This might work better if you have a small guest list as it could become hectic with so many people. Again, it makes your guest feel like they matter when they see their name.

Welcome board

A nice small touch and everyone needs a welcome! Place a welcome board at the entrance of your venue as guests walk in, it makes a great post or story for people’s socials too!

Create a hashtag

Go the extra mile with your welcome board and create a hashtag for your wedding! You know pictures and images of your wedding will be over your guests Instagram and Tik Tok, so adding a hashtag brings that all together and makes your guest feel like they are a part of something special.

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Food & Drink

The way to get to your guest’s heart is truly through their stomach, so impress with the food and drink you have to offer!

Limited edition cocktail menu

For one of the most specialist events in your lifetime, a limited cocktail menu is a given. Based on your theme or couple’s preference, create around 3 to 5 cocktails of your choice with your favourite flavours and alcohols, and give them unique names. It’s always a good idea to play on your names as the couple! And if you don’t drink, mocktails are also a winner!

Champagne fountain

Luxury and extravagant things always stand out, and a champagne fountain won’t get missed. This could be perfect during the start of the evening with canapes so it doesn’t get messy, and who doesn’t love a drink to start with!

Dessert stands

A 3 course meal served to your table is luxurious, but if you want to be different then offer your deserts in food stands. For example, you could have a waffle stand, churros stand and even an ice cream one. This way your guest are also standing and not limited to talking to those just on their table.

Food trucks (Outdoor wedding)

This would only work for those outdoor weddings in the summer. Again, if you want to move away from the classic way of doing things with a sit down meal, then food trucks add a different element. You can go for Pizza trucks or burger trucks. If you want to go more high-end, you can find trucks that offer different cuisines like Indian, Chinese and Greek. It’s a great way to give guests a different taste and experience.

Live cooking experience

Some foods only work when they are freshly made in front of you, so why not play on that and give your guests the full experience? Amongst a set menu of premade food served to the able, you can also have a couple of dishes that are freshly made in front of everyone’s eyes. For example, South Asian dishes like dosa work well, and with Chinese food a fresh stir fry also gets people queuing.

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Part of making your wedding memorable and unique is keeping your guests engaged and showing them something that will blow their socks off.


A DJ is a must at wedding receptions, but all DJs offer different things. Think about how interactive you want the DJ to be with your guests, the type of music you want played and their experience. Our DJs at Musical Movements take weddings and receptions to another level with their extensive music libraries, experience and personalities.

Live band

If you want to add a unique and luxurious touch of entertainment for the evening, a live band is your calling. Get the crowd on their feet dancing and singing along. A vibe like this is never forgotten.


DJ LIVE is a fusion of DJ and live band to give you and your guest an unforgettable experience. It’s a mix of modern and classic to give you something you haven’t heard before, and it always proves to be a winner at weddings.


Having dancers as a form of entertainment at weddings and receptions hasn’t gone out of fashion. Depending on your preference, from Bollywood to mirror dancers and ballerina’s, dancers will keep your guests looking at centre stage and get them ready to hit the dancefloor themselves!

Silent disco

Silent discos have been around for a while, but giving this experience at your wedding reception is new, different and will be remembered! The concept is getting everyone on the dancefloor, putting headphones on and dancing to the music that is playing through them, but the minute you take your headphones off it is quiet. It’s just a unique aspect of the event to initially get everyone on the dancefloor and letting your guest experience something at a wedding that they probably haven’t before.

Other popular bits we have seen at weddings which elevate the guest experience include photo booths and photo back drops such as a flower wall.

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With our Musical Movements packages, we offer a lot of extras to make your special day an unforgettable one. Get in touch to have a consultation and let’s get planning together!

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