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Vallisa is the Female DJ edition to the team and caters mainly for ladies only events although with her mix of sound she is a perfect edition to any celebration.

Being a fan of music having grown up listening to all sorts of genre’s and having an ear for sound she can play anything from Bollywood, Bhangra, RnB, Commercial, Arabic and Bengali music keeps herself busy by also playing instrumentals, Nasheeds, Bhajans and Garba music meaning she can cater for Mendhi nights, Muslim or Gujrati Weddings, Jago’s, Pre Wedding parties, Sangeets, Walima’s, Hen nights, Engagements, Birthday parties and so much more.

Vallisa also co-hosts the drive time show on Sunrise Radio and has produced her own feature film called ‘Those 4 Walls’.

If you are looking for something different for your event then book Vallisa, she will keep your guests entertained all night long!

Vallisa specializes in Bollywood, Bhangra, RnB, Commercial, Arabic and Bengali

Name some of your music inspirations?
DJ wise I would say Neev or Kayper as they are an inspiration of all I would want to be. Music wise I would say Micheal Jackson and Bob Marley – They need no explanation

What is your all time favourite album?
I am going to say Simply Rich because I remember buying this as a kid and I still have it somewhere.

What is your favourite all time single and why?
Lift Karaday by Adnan Sami. I heard this when I was in America years ago and I have loved it ever since.

Favourite food?
Pizza or Mac and Cheese (Combined is even better)

Which location do you love to DJ at?
When I can see the sea or atleast be outside in the sun.

What is your favourite party starter song?
Mundian Toh Bach Ke – it works for any type of audience however currently Kala Chasma also does the trick at the moment.

Vinyl or CD?
I use my laptop (yes new school DJ) but if I had to pick I would say Vinyl

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