Tips for planning a milestone birthday party: 40th and 50th birthdays

31 Jan, 2023

End of the night

If you’re planning a milestone birthday party, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether it’s a 40th birthday or 50th birthday, it’s a once in a lifetime milestone that isn’t going to come around again, so getting it right is the only option.

We’ve broken the planning of a milestone birthday down into five sections with our top tips. Make sure to follow this and planning a milestone birthday will become a whole lot easier.


The first actionable thing you’re going to do is look for a venue. But before this, you need to lock in numbers by making your guestlist, as this will drive the size of your venue and you can incorporate this into your budget.

For a birthday party, a bar always works well for example Beverage Boutique in London, or you might find you don’t need a venue and you can host the party in your home. A popular option is hiring a marquee in your back garden.


DJ MR Vish Musical Movements 


A DJ at a party is a necessity. You can create an ambience and vibe with the right DJ, and don’t forget your DJ will also act as the host for the event. Read more about our array of award-winning DJs, who have played worldwide and bought the Musical Movements experience to hundreds of events, including milestone birthdays.


The Bando Live Entertainment for Weddings and Corporate Events


If you’re planning a 40th birthday or 50th birthday, entertainment is a winner, especially something unique like a DJ and live band fusion. Musical Movements offers DJ Live, a mix of classic and modern to give guests an exceptional and entertaining evening. From violinists to saxophone players, find out how DJ Live is different from your usual live band and how you can book live entertainment with Musical Movements.


Let’s come onto how you want the place to look, whether it’s the marquee in the back garden or a small bar. A running theme always works well at a milestone birthday party. You can either go for a colour scheme or you can go for a more extravagant theme- perhaps masquerade or Hollywood. It all depends on how much of your budget you want to allocate to décor. We offer three types of packages which include DJ and production, such as an LED vision wall, a DJ booth and more.


Although food isn’t our specialty, we can’t deny it’s one of the most important components at a party. As it’s a party you’re planning for and not a wedding event, if you don’t want a 3 course sit down meal you should consider party food such as food trucks or pizza vans. Gully’s is an Indian Street Food truck which could bring something different to your party. Things like this offer your guests a unique and more casual experience, rather than something really fancy.

The main thing is, when it comes to planning a milestone birthday party you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed. At Musical Movements, we take care of music and entertainment and we can help with venue hire if you go off our preferred suppliers list, so planning a seamless process.

Get in touch with us to make the milestone birthday you’re planning a memorable one!