Industry Insight – Prash Photo

19 Mar, 2018

Hey Prash, having worked with you at many reception parties and weddings, we want to know a little more about the guy behind the camera. Lets get straight into it.

What were you doing before becoming a photographer?

After leaving university, I worked in a car dealership in the Sales department for just over a year followed by Halifax Bank of Scotland where I was a consultant for 5 years. I wouldn’t change my work history for a second as those 6 years were a great learning curve. They have enabled me to develop key skills from client interaction and general business awareness.

Tell us about yourself and how did you start?

It all started way back in 2009 when my cousin Jaime was getting married. My auntie gave me the family SLR in order to capture some candid shots over the course of the weekend. After the wedding I uploaded a selection of images to my Facebook account for family & friends to access them with ease. The next morning to my surprise I woke to enquiries from all those long lost school / uni friends who were settling down needing Wedding Photography. As I was still working full-time and didn’t have the confidence to take on full blown weddings; I enrolled onto an adult class for 6 months at Harrow College in order to learn the technicalities. Thereafter in 2010, I started doing small scale events and working with UK based fashion magazines, before giving up the day job and going full time in 2011.

From there we have come a long way. In 2016 we were honoured to be awarded 23 accolades by the wedding and portrait photographers association in UK. Fast forwarding to 2018, we have been blessed with a brand new London based studio with an amazing team! There are 4 photographers and 1 digital artist in the company now, all your readers and clients are more than welcome to pop over for a coffee! 🙂

Tell us about your most extravagant event?

Last year we had the pleasure of being part of a spectacular Wedding reception at Grosvenor House which was far from the norm. They had so many live entertainers from traditional African warriors to hanging trapezist’s. The live food stations did not disappoint either, guests were spoilt for choice with a plethora of delicious cuisines.  This made the whole event so interactive and different to what we’re used to. The whole theming and concept was very extravagant and unusual which we absolutely loved!

Describe your style of photography?

Prash Photography runs on love, passion and personality. We strive to push the boundaries in delivering imaginative concepts with a distinctive signature style. We truly believe time will never stand still and certain moments of happiness become memories instantly. To document such joyous occasions is monumental and we strive to capture timeless stories that evoke emotions.

You have done numerous destination weddings, what has stood out the most to you?

We documented our very first destination Wedding in Bali back in 2011. Since then we have been blessed to shoot in countries such as Dubai, Uganda, Italy and our favourite India! Every wedding, regardless of which country they’re in, are special in their own right. But what we love about destination weddings is the closeness and intimacy of them. We get to spend a lot more time with the couple and their families, to the point we feel like we’ve become a part of their family by the end of it.  From a photographic perspective the backdrops we get to shoot in are incomparable and the guaranteed weather conditions are a great bonus too!

What is your message to inspiring photographers to make it in the wedding industry?

My mantra for many years has been never give up and keep working at your craft. Shadow as many people as you can and learn from whoever you can. Even if you learn one thing from each person you meet you can then start sculpting it into your own style. Back in 2012 I did the same. I went along to every shoot I could from baby portrait sessions to 18 hour Wedding events just to gain the experience.  Over the years I’ve been lucky to be surrounded by so many talented photographers, who are now close friends. There are always new techniques and skills to learn, so keep developing your art and strive to become the best.

Pick a song that describes you?

One Love by Bob Marley. Ive been a fan of the legendary Bob Marley ever since our first family vacation to Jamaica in 2004. There are many of his songs that I love, but One Love resonate’s most with me. The lyrics and rhythm just give me nothing but positivity!