Industry Insight – Doves & Peacocks

5 Mar, 2018

We caught up with the very creative Nishma from Doves & Peacocks. Chances are, you have seen their work at one (Or many) weddings over the last few years. 

Where did the name come from?

Doves are such iconic birds known for their simplicity, pureness and brilliant white colour. Peacocks are the complete opposite – they’re celebrated for their elaborate feathers, boldness and flamboyancy. I loved the idea of the two coming together and it just so happened to perfectly sum up our business. At Doves & Peacocks we offer a design service that caters to everyone, from couples seeking simplicity to those who want an all-singing-all-dancing big bang.  

Do you think the wedding industry lacks creativity?

I’ve been impressed by a number of companies in the UK industry who really set out to achieve unique and groundbreaking work. But with the thousands of weddings that take place every year, there is always room to inject a little more creativity and originality. The biggest challenge for us suppliers, couples and even their families is to bring a personal touch to these events. A wedding is all the more special when it relates to and captures the couple getting married. 

What is one of your most enjoyable projects?

This is a tough one. It’s like trying to pick your favourite food! 

End of 2017, I worked with a couple who wanted to have a Christmas-eque wedding reception and so I had this idea to create an advent calendar table plan. It was the best feeling to see this giant advent calendar come to life on the night with each guest able to open a door to reveal their table number and chocolate treat. For the same reception we also created bespoke crackers which were filled with fun facts about the couple instead of traditional jokes you receive in them 

Another very recent project was an invitation where I got to explore some unusual wallet folds – almost like creating origami. This is one of my most recent and will be sharing soon.

Every client is hugely different, so when I create something that’s personal and unique to them, it’s a very fascinating and rewarding process. 

Do you have a favourite venue you like to work in?

Not yet! Each venue is so different and I see it as my job to create designs which not only deliver on the couple’s theme, but also work well in the space. For a country home such as Ditton Manor or Shendish Manor the designs are much softer. Meanwhile, venues such as Eastwinter Garden or Raddison Edwardian Heathrow can accommodate more contemporary designs. 

If you could describe your design style as a song what would it be?

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen! It’s fun, edgy, bold and stands out from the rest… Plus when it comes on you can’t help but sing along and smile. It’s so inclusive 🙂