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Jey Flash

Jey Flash

Jey Flash, founder of the brand ‘Just Enjoy Yourself,’ could be described as a jack-of-all trades when it comes to creativity. Specialising in crafts across the board, Jey Flash is most widely recognised for his top quality photography skills which have seen him shooting for some of the most exclusive clubs and events globally, including celebrities such as lady of the moment; Kim Kardashian.

Whilst photography will always hold a special place in Jey’s heart and still remains a major aspect of his work, it would not be out of the ordinary to catch Jey on the other side of a camera exhibiting yet another one of his crafts. Following in the steps of his father, DJing is another craft which Jey enjoys and has even described as his first passion. Currently co-hosting the Bang in Your Soul show on Bang Radio alongside Ann Marie Lataille on a Sunday morning. Jey Flash is a very active member of the London community.

Evidently dedicated to being an entertainer, Jey Flash is a well informed and highly recommended individual on London’s entertainment scene, who is available to frame the perfect itinerary for you by selecting the very best from London’s entertainment scene in accordance with your needs.

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