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DJ Ska “That Different DJ”

DJ Ska “That Different DJ”

Ska isn’t your average DJ, his unique style and versatility allows him to play to all types of crowds.

He truly is one of a kind because when the average person thinks of DJing, they think of somebody mixing songs together, however with DJ Ska, we have a specialist DJ who has embarked on the journey of video mixing fusing music videos with the classic audio, creating a whole new party experience. This leaves the crowds feeling not only the music but given a visual experience of their favorite artists, an experience that only DJ Ska can provide.

He rightly claims, ‘with over a decade of experience and knowledge ‘That Different DJ’ was born. Ska aka That Different DJ is now looking for new and challenging bookings, ones which will make use of his existing skills, experience and also further his development’

“I’m a DJ who is determined to push the boundaries as far as possible, I play to the crowd that is in front me, I have experience and knowledge of multiple genres of music and mix them according to the genre, why am I That Different DJ? I am Different because when you hear my set you realize that playing music alone is not what a DJ is, it’s a form of art to me! ”

DJ Ska specializes in Disco, House, Reggae, Rnb & Hip Hop to name a few.

Name some of your music inspirations?
Michael Jackson, pharrel, luthor vandross, Stevie wonder, Lionel Richie, Calvin, DJ Premier, Jazzy Jeff, Shortie Blitz and the one DJ i learnt to DJ off by listening to his radio show Mr Matt White.

What is your all time favourite album?
The Show The Club The After Party – Jodeci

What is your favourite all time single and why?
No favourite single, too many  great artists

Favourite food?
Jim Beam, what kind of DJ eats?

Which location do you love to DJ at?
Anywhere with 2 turntables and a mixer

What is your favourite party starter song?
After DJing as a club DJ  for over 15 years, a party starter would be a massive list. But Shakira Hips Don’t Lie has not failed in 6 years

Vinyl or CD?
Silly question, the people don’t care what I’m using , what they hear is what i care about, i have been a digital DJ for a long time i think its time as a DJ community that the vinyl / cd battle should stop and djs should pay more attention to their skill rather than what they use. ‘when was the last time u saw a DJ in a club/bar/festival and u knew what they were using?

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