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DJ Sam Savage

DJ Sam Savage

DJ Sam Savage is one of the most versatile and stylish DJs this country has to offer. Coming from a musical and Arabic background DJ Sam Savage began executing his talent of DJing by teaching himself how to play the piano. During his early teenage years he confirmed his future laid in producing as well as DJing. Sam Savage produces music of all genres specializing in hip hop and house. With his musical talent, sharp ear and wide range of musical selection he started developing his disk jockeying (DJ) skills and started a great career DJing in Essex’s finest “Candy Club’ and doing Arabic, English and Portuguese weddings.

DJ Sam Savage rapidly improved his skill sets and proceeded his career aiming towards a central London club scene and started playing at clubs such as Aura, DSTRKT, Amika, Bond Mayfair and many more. DJ Sam Savage to this day is one of the most versatile DJs the UK has to offer thanks to his ability to blend music from all types of genres.

DJ Sam Savage specializes in Hip Hop, House, Latin, Arabic and RnB

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