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Anish R Patel

Anish R Patel

Instinctively creative and flawlessly diligent, He recalls how his broad work experiences led him to pursue event planning: “I began to focus on my use of time and was drawn to the idea of having a new creative outlet, something which would play to my strengths, particularly my observant and perceptive nature” With his remarkable vision and his meticulous planning abilities, Anish has catapulted Musical Movements into the event planning industry.

Anish is committed to making Musical Movements a recognised brand. He wants it to thrive on inspiration, excellent service and producing unique parties for each client: “Our team and I have now organised hundreds of events around the world, ranging from International weddings and Celebrity parties to music festivals”

If your making a new enquiry you will be speaking with him. He is qualified in Event & Wedding planning so feel free to ask as many questions as you like!!

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