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This was not your typical London corporate Christmas party!
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Reviewed & Written by an Employee who attended this Corporate Christmas Event:

I don’t know anyone who actually enjoys those darn Christmas staff parties that we’re all expected to go to.  They are boring, long, frustrating if you don’t like your co-workers (let’s face it, none of us really like each other), and painful interactions with the boss as he makes his rounds to everyone.  I usually try to dodge them when I can, but there are only so many times you can call in sick the day the party is happening before someone starts noticing. But I mean, why should we be expected to go to these things?  They aren’t even parties, they’re just networking opportunities that I never hear back from, and they are certainly no fun at all.
That’s how I felt until this year. I tried to bail out again, though I was dragged by an understanding but unsympathetic co-worker, determined to make me suffer along with her.  The party was at a brand new central London location, which is well known for it’s exquisite, delicious meals and wonderful parties that they put on.  The company that was hired to put on the party for us was Musical Movements, one that I had heard of as being award-winning, but never had seen in person.  They had done an amazing job at transforming the location into a Christmas wonderland that had me silent and in awe. It actually felt like Christmas, and I started to think that maybe this year I would actually have some fun.
Within minutes of getting a seat, the room erupted into the start of a constant stream of music, the DJ bopping along at his station and surveying the crowd from time to time.  Normally I’m no dancer, but the beat and music just couldn’t keep me seated, so I joined the growing crowd that was quickly filling the dance floor.  The rest of the night was a blast of dancing, eating, drinking, and starting to feel the Christmas spirit seep into my cold and un-Christmas-y bones.  I am normally the clock watcher but I could hardly believe when I looked at my watch had realized that I had been there for hours.
When the boss did make his rounds, I found myself thanking him for the decision to hire Musical Movements, telling him that it was the first time that I had enjoyed a party this much in a long time.  He said that everyone had been saying the same thing, and he was definitely going to hire them again, since they had gone over so well.
By the end of the night most of were lining up to get the DJ’s card, totally loving everything that he had done for us.  He was so modest when we thanked him, and while he was flattered by the compliments, I knew that he was the kind of worker that kept working hard no matter how many he got.  That was a sign of a good employee and I was very impressed with the overall experience with Musical Movements.  I’m already excited for next year’s party.

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