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What we think of Desi Rascals…

One of the newest reality TV shows on is called Desi Rascals, airing via Sky Living.  This show has a lot of offer their audience, like the award-winning director, Gurinder Chadha, known for her work in Bend it Like Beckham and Bride & Prejudice.  Also on the team is Tony Wood, the creator of TOWIE.  Sounds like a great team, right?  The idea of the show is even better.  It is mean to show case multi-generational lives of those in the British-Asian communities.  The show focuses on telling their everyday lives and how they interact both with each other as well as with the rapidly changing community around them.

We think the main character is Moses Baig, who is mischievous, and totally unpredictable in his character.  He is so strong that he could easily have his own spin-off show.  He keeps all of the other characters in his shadow with his unique attitude and storyline.  There are also, on contrast, some terrible, flat characters in Desi Rascals that are being used solely for the purpose of filling stereotypes.  They are horribly portrayed and make the show cringey cheap generic cialis.

This show does make it a point to play around with stereotypes and also encourages discrimination, which makes the show popular to watch, but some of the viewers are watching it purely to see the racial slurs and other discrimination instead of watching it for a portrayal of the British-Asian community.  For this reason, there are plenty of strong opinions on both sides of the show that you can see all over Twitter.  They mostly revolve around hating and loving the show: some love it because they find it funny and interesting, and others hate it because it is not an accurate portrayal of an important community.

Amitabh Bachchan made an appearance on Desi Rascals which had a huge impact on the show.  It raised the profile immensely and the show is doing better because of it.  Some argue that the integration of more British-Asian celebrities will make the show more watchable.  Part of the show was filmed at Proud, Camden.  This is an excellent place to film, but it was totally dead of anyone outside of the cast.

The show has a long way to go in order to gain the respect of the people the show is portraying, and while some people think the show should be shut down due to its obvious shortfalls, there are others that think it should be left on the air.  The show has a lot of potential to give an accurate portrayal of this important community, but chooses not to.  With time and guidance by both fans and staff, this show has the potential to be a great one that exposes the world to British-Asians and their unique lifestyles.  So, we must give Desi Rascals a chance and see how it goes.


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