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How to plan a perfect Wedding in Portugal…

On my way from London to Portugal in August, 2014, I found myself wondering how I was going to make this special wedding between Jateen and Swati original and entirely memorable for everyone involved.  This modern Indian wedding had to be perfectly planned out over the three days that it was taking place. This beautiful, international destination was Praia Del Rey, Marriott Beach and Golf Resort and seemed a perfect fit for this young, adorable couple.  

With the expert work of DJ Rugrat (Nainesh), and the excellent, high-quality, award winning minds at Musical Movements, I had a good team to be a part of.  The only worry that was on my mind was keeping everyone full of energy to get through the three days of celebrating.  Kudos to the first-rate DJ, though, as he took care of that as easily as he breathed.

The first night was the Mehndi party in which a live Indian band entertained the large crowd of exciting and love struck guests and family members, all there to be a part of the wonderful celebrations that were only just starting.  It was the best kick-off imagined, as Madhu took over the venue and got the energy pumping in such a way that Rugrat would have some serious competition.  He took it all in stride, though, and performed directly after them, keeping the energy high and the music loud.  Soon after, there was a large fire show complete with fire breathers and acrobats that surrounded the pool.  It was certainly a night remember!

The second night was a champagne reception in which Musical Movements did an excellent job in providing the background music, dabbling in jazz, acid jazz, Ibiza café del mar, St. Germain, Bonobo, Gramatic, Nitin Sawney, and other world music.  It was a diverse night with plenty of fun and laughter, the perfect way to get the crowd ready for the reception. As to be expected, the wedding and reception went perfectly.  The couple danced to “What Makes You Beautiful” by Boyce Avenue, a cover of One Direction's hit.  Next, the DJ took over and turned the place into a nightclub, complete with disco music and all of the favourites to suit every guest.  The food was strictly vegetarian, including both Indian and Portuguese food, all of which was excellent.

This amazing experience would have been possible without Bianca, the wedding co-ordinator for the venue, or Rui, the food and beverages manager.  The whole team worked together to make everything special for Jateen and Swati, and it was a memorable experience that taught us all a lot in planning long celebrations in the future.  I enjoyed every minute of this fairy tale experience.  Everything was of the highest calibre and made for a memorable occasion.