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Why was Newland manor turned upside down?

In my time as a wedding industry expert, I have found that many weddings tend to look the exact same, only with a different venue and different people.  Modern Indian weddings always have more flair, but still, I find many of them similar: happy occasions that are pleasant and exciting, but predictable after a while.  So, when I was hired by Musical Movements to DJ at the wedding of a young couple who had their wedding reception at Newland Manor, Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire  I was expecting another ceremony that I could have done with my eyes closed.  I was pleasantly surprised, however, by the originality that this Couple, expert company and award-winning DJ infused into the entire production.

I met the owner of Newland Manor, Minesh Patel, and found that he was kind, charming and friendly, a familiar face in a sea of new ones that I met on this trip.  He showed me around the grounds and I found myself seeing the beautiful scenery in a new light that made me see the entire experience of my job through fresh eyes.  It was so unlike London that the pleasant shock took a while to get used to.

The reception had a black LED dance floor, helping transform the entire destination into a night club, where DJ whiz, Rugrat, took over and started the party to celebrate the happy couple's new start to their fairy tale life.  

The couple's entrance song was Robin S “Show Me Love”, and that got the crowd off to a great start.  The speeches were short, funny, and had me truly enjoying the entire production.   Two bridesmaids made the speeches even better by doing a memorable “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” dance and song that got everyone roaring and laughing.  Following that, was two of the groomsmen dancing to “Harlem Shake” and one was dressed in a rabbit onesie?!  Needless to say, that got everyone laughing again, including myself, and it made the entire night that much better.

The couple's first dance was “Stand By Me”, a Dani Gokey cover, and though the moment was quiet and sweet, it still held the energy that this couple so obviously produced.  It was a captivating and beautiful moment for the new couple as well as their guests.

Shoalin monks also made an appearance, breaking sticks, piercing balloons with needles, and performing theatre arts that had your heart in your throat and your heart racing.  They were unique and amazing, completing this already phenomenal night and making me realize just how different this wedding was.

Rugrat kept the floor packed with his excellent skills and music selection.  Apresh Chawda, the photographer who is known as the best in the country, was also an amazing part of the experience, staying out of the way and discretely taking amazing photos that will create reminders of their special day.  It was an experience that thoroughly warmed my heart, and made me realize that weddings are more than fancy dresses and words, they are about celebrating in a style that suits you entirely.