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Modern Weddings. English Country Manor or Central London Hotel?

Choosing the right venue for your wedding is a really hard decision because there are so many different types to choose from.  When those options are limited strictly to London, you'd think that they'd be easier, but in fact, the decision gets harder.  This is because there is the tough decision in choosing between an English country manor and central London hotels, both of which are beautiful and eye-catching.  Here are a few tips to help with making the right choice.


Venues such as Manor of Groves, The Grove in Hertfordshire, Shendish Manor, Addington Palace, Quendon Hall Parklands, Syon Park, Luton Hoo, Poundon House, Moor Park Mansion, Kew Gardens, Savill Court and Newland Manor are all amazing options to consider when having a wedding.  They are all high quality locations that would best suit a fairy tale style wedding, with the big ball gown, hundreds of guests and the big, loud reception. These places are also great for amazing, expert photographs, so it's worth considering an outdoor wedding for that reason.  These kinds of locations are meant for the bigger groups that want the full, almost Disney like Fairy Tale Weddings.

Alternatively, for those who are looking for venues that cater to smaller groups or, if they want a location that is centred around giving their guests a more modern style wedding that does not necessarily have all of the “frills” of a traditional one, there are many places to check out such as Grosvenor House, Park Lane Hilton, The Dorchester, Grand Connaught Rooms, Jumeriah Carlton, Lancaster London, The Grange St. Pauls, The Langham, Hilton Kensington, The Ritz, and The Savoy.  All of these excellent locations are modern and have all of the best amenities for creating a modern style wedding.  All have the option of big groups so that everyone you love can come, and a beautiful ceremony room that is sure to make a great wedding.  The one downfall of these hotels is that there is minimal landscaping, so having an outdoor wedding may not be an option.  The halls for receptions leave lots of room for dancing as well as dining and give you the best option for mingling.

There isn't really one option that is better than the other, but your weddings need to be in the best venue for its particular type.  After all, it is possible to have a wonderful wedding that is perfect in every way, except it is in the wrong venue.  Perhaps you don't have enough guests for a Central London Hotel, or perhaps the opposite happens, your guest list is too big for an English Country Manor.  As stated above, modern weddings with a more modern feel tend to go better with a hotel, where as the traditional, big poofy dress wedding, tends to match the old fashioned architecture that you see at these culture-rich locations.

The most important part of your wedding (other than the person you're getting married to, of course!) is the venue, so do your research and a walk-through, and make sure it's the perfect match for everything you've dreamed up for your special day.