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Honeymoon Vs. Mini-moon
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For those of you that don’t know, a mini-moon is a happier and cheaper alternative to a honeymoon. Why hasn’t anyone though of this sooner, right?
Well, here’s a little ‘history’ for you! It all started to happen during the recession, which hit a lot of us hard, and a booking a honeymoon above all the wedding expenditure became increasingly difficult for us. So a lot of couples began planning small romantic getaway’s after their wedding to celebrate their marriage.
Okay, that sounds a bit depressing, but actually, it allowed everyone to become more innovative and thus; the ‘mini-moon’ was born. Mini-moons have now become such a popular thing in this day and age, so what is a mini-moon exactly?

After the wedding couples go on a shorter, more local romantic break after the wedding. Many couples then book a honeymoon for their first year wedding anniversary, that way they have a year to save and plan an exceptional trip for a couple of weeks – you’re considering it already, aren’t you? And so you should!

But what’s the actual difference?

Well, it’s mostly to do with the destination. When we think ‘honeymoon’ – we think ultimate relaxation in the Maldives or Bora Bora, a safari adventure in Sri-lanka or seeing the gorgeous views of Cape Town. But why do we think that we have to go that far and spend all that money to do those things?

Rhodes, Egypt or Tunisia offer some of the greatest luxury resorts that promise ultimate relaxation, for no more than up to £700 each for a week. Italy or Paris is also reasonably priced for a romantic break with a little more to explore, if you’re the sightseeing type. Scotland is an absolute winner for mini-moons, where you can feel like royalty and spend your entire stay in a castle and see some of the most beautiful views of the mountains.

There aren’t any rules on having your honeymoon straight after your wedding. You can do whatever you like just the way it suits the both of you. Weddings are a joyous occasion and ultimately, you want to avoid the stress of money and just do a little bit of research and find something that feels comfortable for the both you.

So now you have an alternative option, the question is what will you go for; the honeymoon or mini-moon?

The decision is yours!

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