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Industry Insight – H.O.M Productions

We interviewed  Hari Om productions – The Story Tellers, to get our latest edition of industry insight from the perspective of a well known and established cinematography company. Here’s what they had to say:

Hi Hari Om, thank you for taking the time to speak us.

Ø Tell us about your background, how and why you started in the video business.

Hi MM, thank you so much for having us on, it’s a pleasure to speak with you.
Well, my background is in Marketing and Advertising. Having worked for a number of different companies, in Finland, Germany and of course back here in the UK. I was always looking for that one thing that I was passionate about. My passion was ignited whilst working for Apple Europe in Product Marketing. I worked with some of the best commercial photographers, cinematographers and directors and realised that this was my passion and I wanted to create stories, it helped that I was able to create some true magic at Apple which then allowed me to do what I do today. I love the fact that with the weddings we have the opportunity to create something really personal and unique to that couple as no story is ever the same.

Ø Your style stands out, tell us what you look for when capturing?

Thanks for the compliment, we are constantly trying to build on our skills to deliver a unique product. That does not mean we have cameras flying around getting crazy angles etc, we want to deliver a timeless piece of work that can be cherished for generations. A film that brings back the emotions as though you were reliving that moment.  It’s important for us to create something Cinematic in its true form as I see that word is used very broadly these days. For us Cinematic means art, capturing that something special from the personality of the couple.  Our wedding films are create lasting cinematic experiences both timeless and transformative. Our approach combines the very best in candid documentary journalism with unparalleled cinematic storytelling of your wedding in the most stunning way possible.

Ø We have had the privilege to travel and perform alongside you at many destination weddings. Tell us about the places you have worked in and what’s been your favourite destination.

We have had the privilege to travel, and perform alongside you at many destination weddings. Tell us about the places you have worked in, and whats been your favourite destination.

We are really lucky that so many of our couples have trusted us and taken us with them to capture some absolutely amazing destination wedding, I wouldn’t be able to pick any as my favourite, but can defiantly say that I loved capturing and sharing all the fantastic stories that we’ve had the honer to be apart off. We have been all over the globe from Zambia, Italy, France, Spain, India, Mexico, Portugal and Greece to name a few and can’t wait to capture more destination weddings as we are able to push our creativity even further.

Ø What can we expect to see from you in the near future?

More, much more. I like to aim high and create something different for every unique story that we capture.

Ø What are you doing when you are not shooting?

Well,when Im not filming, editing, completing paperwork or meeting prospective clients, any time I have I like to give to my family.

Ø If you could describe your style of capturing in one song, what would it be and why?

Mr  Cheeks – Lights, Camera, Action!