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Event Planning- Destination Wedding in Spain

    My life is planning other people's happiest days of their lives: their weddings!  Many lovebirds enjoy dreaming about their special days in international destinations, seeing the foreign world as a place of intrigue and romance.  For the most part, they tend to be correct.  Getting married abroad in a luxurious location ensures a happy couple on their day.

    One spectacular wedding for a beautiful couple took place in Marbella, Spain at the Finca la concepción, a dream venue for this Indian style wedding.  As expected by weddings who use Musical Movements as their event planner, the venue was home to unique and special decorations that helped bring an Asian influence into the already diverse wedding.

    The DJ did an excellent job keeping the party going, taking requests from the guests and ensuring that everyone had a great time.  The steady beat of the dhol really kept the atmosphere light and everyone was in the mood to celebrate the new life of this happy couple.  He kept the attention focused on the new bride and groom while ensuring that music reflected the mood that everyone was feeling.  He felt the crowd and made sure he gave them what they wanted, ¡que talento!  

    The venue was absolutely perfect for this wedding, a beautiful location lit up with exquisite pink and magenta floodlights.  La finca is gorgeous due to it's expertly sculpted structure and equally beautiful landscaping, and the happy couple and all of their guests helped liven the place up and bring it to life.

    La finca is only one of the many gorgeous elements of Spain.  The entire country is full of beautiful, ancient architecture that is sure to take your breath away if you've never been there.  Spain is el mejor lugar to travel, offering diverse cultures to learn about, excellent, delicious food and drink, and of course, the beautiful landscape that makes you want to sell you house and move right into a villa in the mountains.  It's that kind of view.

    But, what is a memorable country without a memorable occasion to celebrate in it?  The happy couple were absolutely stunning in their brightly coloured, eye-attracting wedding outfits, and carefully coordinated decorations to accentuate their beauty.  They were the centre of attention, which is to be expected, but it wasn't just because of their occasion or their clothing.  This couple was truly happy and entirely absorbed in one another: son uña y carne.  

    In all my time as a wedding planner, I've seen many, many weddings, but this particular one stands out in my mind (as I imagine it will for quite some time).  The beautiful venue, the excellent DJ and music choice, the hospitable country, the pareja enamorada, everything pulled together to create the perfect wedding.  My job is to create the special day for every couple that comes to me.  Every night that I see a successful wedding, I hope to myself that I've done my job, but there is never total certainty.  In this case, however, I know they will make it.