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An introduction to Indian Weddings
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Just like any other marriage in the other parts of the globe, Indian marriage is regarded as a sacrament. According to the Indian culture, marriage is a rite that binds two different individuals who want to begin a new life with each other. Judging by the myriad of colorful weddings that Indians celebrate, it can be said that India does have a diverse and ethnic community. Regardless of where they are in the world, Indians always make sure that they have their marriage held in a big and extravagant manner. You can surely expect that the Indian wedding will be filled with ceremonies and rituals that are both fun and entertaining. However, there is more to Indian marriages than its complex rituals. Indian marriages are dependent to the bride and groom’s religion. It can be said that marriages in Indian culture also varies not only to the couple’s religion but also to their ethnicity. Just like other marriages from different cultures, an Indian marriage requires certain basic ceremonies. Across the country, Indian marriages also require pre, main and post wedding rituals. Prior to the wedding day, an engagement ceremony is held wherein the man and the woman exchange rings in a ritual. This is then followed by a Sangeet ceremony. It is a fun and colorful event wherein song and dance are performed. The main wedding is where the event gets into full swing. Indian marriages are held in two to three days wherein several marriage traditions are carefully followed by the wedded couple. Each and every ritual carried out in an Indian marriage is done in a great detail and total dedication by the couple and their families is invested. Indian marriages start out with the arrival of the groom to the bride’s home which will also serve as the venue of the wedding. Baraatis refers to the groom and his friends. Welcoming the Baraatis is just one of the most important aspect of the main Indian marriage ceremony. They are let into the bride’s house and welcomed with a warm fanfare and celebration. They bride’s family makes sure that they are well-pampered and receive a royal treatment. The guests are then treated to sumptuous meal by the bride’s family while the rituals are on-going. Indian marriages also mean that the guests get to enjoy some of the most elaborate and exquisite Indian cuisines. After the wedding rituals are done, wedding games are held. These wedding games are considered to be important aspects of the post wedding ceremony in an Indian marriage. The wedding games revolve around the newlyweds. Their family and their friends also join in the merry making. Another important aspect of the post wedding rituals is the Vidaai. This is where the bride bids farewell to her family and is now ready to live in his husband’s home. The arrival of the bride to the groom’s home is also an important ceremony in the occasion. Prayers are also offered to shower the newlyweds with all the best in life as they start a new life as a married couple. There are also other traditions that are followed in an Indian wedding ceremony and all of them add glamour and charm to the event. An Indian wedding ceremony does not only mark the union of a man and woman who deeply love each other but also the coming together of two families.

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