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A Dj Saved My Life at Shendish Mannor
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Weddings are always events that make me cry, like many others.  Most weddings also make me deliriously happy, excitable, and slightly drunk.  Drunk on love, that is.  But, I’m not the only one.  Weddings have something for everyone: a love story, dancing, great food, and multiple conversation partners.

Recently, I attended a modern Indian wedding that took place in the beautiful Shendish manor in the elegant Hertfordshire, London.  The wedding ceremony was tastefully done with Asian influences interspersed throughout the decorations.  The event planning was completed by Musical Movements, an award winning, excellent company which helped this special couple on the most important and life-changing day of their lives.

Although the wedding ceremony was unbearably cute, the reception was the best part (as it usually is for those only tangentially related to the bride/groom like I was).  The food was excellent, but the best part of the night was the DJ.  Now don’t get the wrong idea, I am not some kind of stalker woman who falls in love with every well-dressed guy I meet, but this DJ was impeccably dressed and knew how to do his job!

He carefully watched the bride and groom for the whole night, making sure he played plenty of bollywood and bhanga music to please both them and their many guests.  I could tell how much he loved his job, switching seamlessly between RNB, dance, house and Motown music, blending the song changes together and creating an expertly created long stream of constant music.  He was so diverse in his music selection that he even played pieces off the Top 40 Chart!

On top of paying attention to the happy couple happily feeding each other wedding cake, he scanned the crowd periodically, watching their reactions to the music changes and following the trend of music that got the dancers going.  He was totally in tune with what the audience wanted and adjusted his music itinerary to match it.  He was so good at his job that he managed to give the dancers and guests exactly what they wanted, without taking any attention away from newly married couple in the centre of the room.  I mean, how could you not admire a man like that?

Late in the evening I made my way to to him at the end of a giant line of admirers and complimented him on a job well done.  I asked for his name, but an expertly crafted disco segue into another up-beat song enticed screaming and cheering from the crowd of tipsy dancers, and their ruckus drowned out his words.  I was too embarrassed to ask again, so, admiring his professional attitude and attire, I just complimented him again and joined the party back out on the dance floor.  The wedding was controlled and drama free, with the best DJ I had ever seen.  With his excellent control over the music, he maintained the party mood and made it a night to remember for everyone, not just the happy couple.

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