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7 things often forgotten when planning a wedding
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Planning a wedding and getting it right is a mighty accomplishment and you should pat yourself on the back for pulling it off. There is an old adage, however, about best laid plans, and it can be easy to overlook a few small, and big, things. Here are 7 of the most commonly forgotten things when it comes to planning a wedding, so make sure they are on your ‘to do’ list!
The Wedding Favours
Those little treats that greet your guests when they sit down for the reception are much looked forward to; and often forgotten. In the whole bigger picture it can be easy to overlook a ‘detail’ but your guests will certainly be discussing their absence! They don’t have to be expensive; mints and sugared almonds are old favourite, but if your budget allows it a lottery ticket is always popular.

The role of a professional toastmaster at a wedding is often misunderstood. This isn’t just somebody to tell everyone when to raise their glasses to the happy couple, his role includes ensuring thank you gifts are to hand, that everyone is where they should be at the right time and generally ensuring that everyone is as it should be. If the venue provides one check out their duties, if it sounds a substandard service consider hiring your own.
Flowers and food are the most common allergies, and unfortunately two things essential to a wedding. The flowers can’t be helped, they will have to take an antihistamine, but food wise it’s essential. If you are trying to save money with the ‘everyone loves prawn cocktail’ attitude then think about those with a seafood allergy. Do your research to ensure nobody suffers on your wedding day.
Bridal Underwear
So you pop on your favourite underwear then your wedding dress. It all feels great until you look in the mirror and see underwear peeking out where it shouldn’t. Most brides will treat themselves to new underwear for their wedding day but fail to realise it will be visible. Choose carefully to ensure you don’t have an undie disaster.
Contact Details
Even though you have entrusted your invitations to a professional printer mishaps still occur. Whether it is your error or there’s sending out an invitation bereft of RSVP details will cause stress and confusion. Make sure they are on your instructions and check over the invitations thoroughly when they arrive.
Thank You Cards
In this day of modern technology little courtesies such as these can be forgotten. Don’t put a thank you on Facebook as you will invariably have older guests there who won’t see it and will think their gift is unappreciated. Invest in some nice quality thank you cards.
Gift List
An essential item especially if you live together and don’t want 50 toasters or photo frames. Alternatively, pop a little poem in with the invitation telling everyone that you have everything you need and a monetary gift towards the honeymoon would be much appreciated buy generic cialis. These are very popular these days and many examples can be found online.
Written By Jango (Toastmaster)

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